Round 7 Race Report 21st July

So I think this was the first weekend where good weather was actually predicting sunny weather!! We had qualifying and a race on Saturday and then a warm up and a race on Sunday.

On Saturday I went out for qualifying and after the 3rd lap someone dropped a load of coolant up over the ride and into Quarry, which caused the MG ZR of Stephen Dowler to go into the tyre wall straight ahead and the Fiesta of Kelly Williams to spin in front of me and go into the tyre wall to the left. Luckily I span to the right and managed to avoid everything and continue on. The safety car soon came out and we had 5 laps under the safety car whilst cars were recovered and the drivers looked after! I didn’t really get into things after that and did a 1:24.576 on my last lap which isn’t too bad and put me 4th in class and 17th overall.

[b]Youtube Video Race 1[/b] –

I got a pretty decent start but had to lift off or be pushed off so lost a little ground. I managed to stick in my position for a lap then and then managed to get around the outside of Russell Poynter-Brown in his Corsa going around Tower, putting me into 3rd in Class. I stayed there for a lap but then had a bit of a moment on Folly. The back end went and at those speeds there’s not much I could do really so ended up in the field and then into the crops, amazing how quickly you slow after hitting them!! I drove out and could immediately feel the steering was weird, it was juddering and I thought I’d damaged something so pulled off into the paddock. Turns out there was a large lump of wet mud stuck to the wheel which was throwing the balance out. But anyway got a DNF for that one 🙁 but at least there wasn’t any damage for the race the day after!