Nearly done now!!

So recently we’ve completed:

Windows and cut off switch now work properly
Towing straps fitted
Catch tank fitted
Air intake fitted
New clutch cable fitted and hopefully it won’t snap now!!
Alu sheets fitted to doors

I’ve had to skip the race tomorrow due to not receiving the master cylinder back from the manufacturer till very late On a plus note though all thats left to do is plug a hole in the bulk head and bleed the rear brakes, which will be completed this week!


Brakes and another cancellation :(

So this week we’ve fixed a leaking master cylinder and I took the car to a garage to get the brakes setup on a brake tester so I could set the bias correctly, found that the rears weren’t actually doing anything and the MS feels like the seals gone, so I’ve taken that off and sent it back for a replacement.

After we did the front brake setup we were about to drive it on the trailer and the clutch cable snapped Unfortunately this was the day before the test day and there was no way I could get it sorted in time to do the test day so I cancelled my entry to the race as I want a test day first. So after deciding the way I connected it is unsuitable, we’ve now welded a bolt into the mechanism and then drilled a hole through the bolt and you can guess the rest, I don’t really like it but it’s the only way we could come up with and it should be secure.

Nice and clean!

Gave her a clean today, removed the thermostat and now it doesn’t over heat (thank god) however I am getting what looks like water vapour out of the exhaust…so I’m guessing maybe the head could be cracked or something or maybe worse…but hopefully just condensation!!

Some nice pics for you 🙂